Most couples would decide not to have any wedding favors for their wedding day; the reason being all of the money has already been allotted to the dress, food and the place. However, for a more traditional couple, wedding favors are a must. For them, it shows the gratuity for those people that have come and celebrated their big day. It is something to give back for all the effort that the guests have done in order for them to celebrate the best day with the couple. Well, not all wedding favors should be expensive. A couple can have favors that are affordable and yet very elegant and stylish.

Take for example a candle. Candles do not cost too much, a person can buy candles at almost any stores out there. They can even choose the colors and the design they want. However, if the couple wants to have a simple and elegant one, they can opt for a plain white candle. Then from there they can just make it special by adding a little personal touch. Or they can design the candles with small ribbons and bows to make it look more beautiful. With just a small amount, they have already achieved a wedding favor that is perfect and ideal for their wedding day.

A couple can also opt for boxes. They can buy a small box, it can either be plain or colorful, then put the things that will remind the guests about them in it. It can be edible or not. If the couple wants to put something edible, they can put in their favorite candies or sweets, something that has a meaning to them. If they want to put chocolates, that is okay as long as it will not melt inside and ruin the wedding favors. The box can also contain things that are not edible, like soap or any skin care products, something that can be used for both men and women. If the couple wants to add a little glamour on their boxes, they can buy ribbons to finish the look. They can even cut out pictures from a magazine that can either show their favorite destination or their favorite things or paste it into the boxes.

Again, wedding favors does not have to cost too much, all they need is a little bit of creativity and a lot of resourcefulness. A wedding favor should not cause any tense or any problems for the bride and groom when planning their big day that is why it is very important to just have a very affordable wedding favor. Some online stores offer wedding favors that are easy on the budget, yet look very stylish. From tin cans to bottle openers they can customize their product for their clients need. For couples who does not have time anymore to make their wedding favors, these stores will help them do that, taking the load off of their clients back, the couple can be assured that everything will be done for them accordingly.