Formal Photo Shoot
This usual happens after the ceremony, but if you are getting married in the Fall months and/or you have a very limited time between your ceremony and reception, it might be beneficial to do this before the ceremony. Everyone meets at a pre-determined photo location. You can consult with your photographer on where an appropriate place may be. Be sure to inform all individuals that are required for your photos. Exchanging cell phone numbers with the photographer is beneficial in case there is a misunderstanding regarding where to meet.

 Bride Alone
 Groom Alone 
 Bride & Groom together - various locations 
 Bride with attendants
 Groom with attendants
 Bride with "the guys"
 Groom with "the girls"
 Bride with each attendant individually
 Groom with each attendant individually
 Entire Wedding Party 
 Hands with wedding rings
 With children from wedding party
 With best man and maid of honor