Ceremony is at the following location ___________________________ located at ________________________________ you need to be at ____________________________________________________ at __ o-clock on _____ date.





q  Wedding vows

q  Religious items for ceremony

q  Rings

q  Credit cards

q  Blank Checks

q  ID

q  Toast

q  Tuxedo or suit

q  Shirt

q  Shoes

q  Socks

q  Belt

q  Cuff links

q  Vest, cummerbund, tie/ bow tie, pocket square

q  Toothbrush

q  Comb

q  Razor

q  Deodorant

q  Breath mints

q  Gift for Bride

q  Car keys

q  Cell phone

q  Luggage

q  Wedding license




You need to pick up the tuxedo or suit at ______________________________ on____ date at___ o-clock.