A girly and hip memento for the fun filled bridal shower will be one of the coolest ways to keep it memorable and shared more deeply with friends and family. Choose a memento based on the brides personality, likes and what most represents them as a woman and a bride to be. There are so many bridal shower gifts and mementos that can be given to participants and friends but one should choose the most hip and useful amongst girls to make it more unforgettable.

One of the most hip and chic bridal shower favors is personalized lip balm with a flavor and design chosen by the bride herself. Lip balms are definitely one of those things that can be found in the handbag of a girl. Lip balms as a bridal shower favor is available in a form of a lip balm stick, lip balm in a mini jar bottle, and lip balm in a form of a heart designed key chain. These lip balms have personalized stickers that will honor the bridal shower event and the bride herself. The lip balm stick can only be ordered as a dozen for as low as $14.55 while lip balm in a container can be ordered through bulk for as low as $0.81.

Another hip and very useful bridal shower favors one can give on the sweet special event is a personalized brush/ compact mirrors. These personalized brush/ compact mirrors will be one useful additional to every girl’s handy bag. It is personalized by a sticker design with the name of the bride to be on the bridal shower event. It only costs $0.99 if ordered in bulk and can be ordered in a minimum of 36 pieces. Also, another hip and useful memento of the bridal shower would be an elegantly designed compact mirror. It is one of the most suitable mementos for an all girls gathering celebration. These elegantly designed compact mirrors starts with a price of $1.95 if ordered in a bigger quantity.

If brides are more playful and audacious, another cool bridal shower favor would be a whole deck of playing cards in personalized travel case. What a cool way to have fun with your girls  by playing cards and getting it personalized making it more memorable on the bride’s special party before tying the knot in marriage. These playing cards are best for travel and souvenir for girlfriends and family. Personalized playing cards’ price starts at $0.90 for bigger orders.

Another unique and most likeable bridal shower favors out there are the “Mint to Be” Bride and Groom Slide Mint Tins with Heart Mints. The “Mint to Be” Bride Mint Tins would be a good way to show everyone the love and fondness of the bride to her groom. This is a simple yet another great memento for the bridal shower and at the same time a great memento showing loyalty and love for the bride and groom. These “Mint to Be” Bride Slide tins can be ordered in bulk for as low as $1.29.