Planning a Beautiful Bridal Shower


Every bridal shower should be a once-in-a-lifetime event for the bride who is about to walk down the aisle. While it can be a rousing party that brings many friends together into one place, it can also be a beautiful and reflective party that allows people to share their feelings with the bride-to-be. Considering all the available options allows for ladies to make the perfect bridal shower plan for their friend who is about to get married.

Sharing Feelings

A great bridal shower begins with notes and letters that have been written to the bride about how everyone at the party feels about her. With these beautiful notes, a bride can learn how everyone feels about her and get beautiful mementos that she can treasure for the rest of her life.

Offering Gifts

Some bridal showers are all about offering practical gifts that the bride can either use on her wedding day or that will help her start her new life with her husband. These gifts could range from beautiful lingerie to gifts for the home that will help to bring the couple's house together.

Other gifts could be given in jest so that everyone can have a nice laugh. These types of gifts are fun to give so that the party will have a little levity rather than being completely serious.

The Bride's Turn

At a bridal shower, there are many brides who want to offer gifts to their friends and family who are in attendance. While it can be hard to let all these emotions out at a wedding, it is much better to do so in a bridal shower. When the bride gets her turn to show everyone how she feels, she will be able to get those emotions out so that she is not holding them all in until her wedding day.


Every great bridal shower should have food, but the food can be chosen to suit the bride or time of year rather easily. Some bridal showers could be a barbecue when the girls can cook out and have a good time with some drinks. Other bridal showers can be held in restaurants to allow the girls to eat and have a good time. Other bridal showers could be held over a tea service to allow for the most elegant setting for the shower.

The setting, food and gifts at a bridal shower are all designed to give the bride-to-be the best experience possible before her wedding. The bridal shower favors gifts, food and memories that are made and shared at a bridal shower can help ladies to feel even more special leading up to their wedding day. Bringing together all of her friends and special family members in one place is the best way to let her know how loved she is. 

As a bride sets off into the next chapter of her life with her husband, she needs to have this final get together as a single woman so that everyone can show her love and sit together sharing feelings and gifts in a private setting.