Selecting Your Wedding Musicians

Striving to have the perfect wedding is a dream that is shared by all women. This is the primary reason why women are very particular about their wedding details. Selecting the most appropriate wedding musicians is one detail that should not be taken lightly.

Every couple has their personal preference when it comes to music. This is why its imperative for couples to take measures that will help them hire musicians who will be ideal for the affair. Lets take a close look at several simple tips on selecting your wedding musicians.

Dialogue with Your Partner

You should have an intense dialogue with your partner. The dialogue should cover the topic of deciding which kind of musician will be suitable for the wedding. There are many different genres of music in existence today. The musician should have experience in the music genre that appeals to you and your mate.

Here are is a quick look at a list of performers you can choose from:
  • DJ
  • Live Band
  • Pianists
  • Saxophonist
  • String Quartet
  • Harpists
  • Flamenco Performers

It is vital that you choose musicians who will be suitable for your budget. Getting price quotes from several musicians can help you secure the best deal for your money.

Search Early

You should start your search as early as possible. Your search should take place at least six months before the wedding. This will help you avoid making a rash decision when it comes time for you to hire a candidate.

You should also be open to getting recommendations from others, but you should also take an intense look at other options. Evaluating other options will help you get the best deal for your budget. The internet is an invaluable resource when it comes to searching for wedding services. Many credible musicians advertise their services on the internet.

Evaluate Candidates

Wedding planning experts encourage couples to evaluate at least five potential musical candidates. You should evaluate feedback from clients, fees, and availability. You should also evaluate other factors such as liability insurance, experience, and reputation in the industry. You should also determine if there are extra costs such as travel fees, meals, and overtime.

View Videos on Musicians Websites

Viewing videos on musicians websites will give you an opportunity to see a live performance. Professional musicians have demo audios and videos and audios of their talents displayed on their websites. Listening or viewing these recordings is an important component of scouting the talent. Does the prospective musician have exceptional style and technique and style? Viewing the musicians video will provide the answers to this question. For example, a professional wedding guitarist should be masterful and relaxed while playing.

List of Songs

Do you have a preferred list of songs that you would like to be played at your wedding? If so, you should inform the musicians about the list. There is a possibility that the musicians may charge extra fees for performing these songs. Many wedding musicians are willing to learn new pieces, but they are well known for charging nominal fees for this special service.

Band Adjustment

You can ask the band to reduce their number of members if the entire band of musicians is priced beyond your budget. Reducing members may lower their fee. You also have the option of asking the band to increase its membership if their fee is priced well below your budget. More members can enhance the bands performance.


It is imperative that you put all the fine details into the legal agreement. Here are some vital points that should be listed in the legal agreement:

  • The Overall Fee
  • Insurance
  • Deposit
  • Number of Band Members
  • Date of Event
  • Overtime Fee

You should also ask for a receipt when you make you make a payment. The receipt will prove that payments were made to the band.

Go Over Details with the Hired Band

You should go over the details with the hired band. Going over the details can help you and the musicians avoid a misunderstanding. Reconfirm the date, time of the event, and location two weeks prior to the wedding. You should also make sure that the musicians are familiar with parking information.

Planning for a wedding takes time. It also involves making a prudent decision when it comes to hiring musicians. The tips listed above are invaluable when it comes to selecting your wedding musicians.