Wedding party Gifts: The guide to finding the perfect one.


It is so important to thank the people that are closest to you on your wedding day. A small gift with lots of thought behind it is all you need.


Here are a few tips on what to give:


What to get for the men:


Traditionally, a pocket watch or cufflinks are given to the groomsmen but now a days brides and grooms are coming up with more creative gifts to give their best men. Engraved beer steins and flasks are getting evermore popular. All the gifts donít have to be the same but it is suggested that you keep all the gifts within the same dollar amount.


What to get for the ladies:


Women love to receive personalized gifts. Monograms look great on just about anything from compacts to wine glasses to silver jewelry. The key is to find something that appeals to your bridesmaidís personality and make it uniquely here own with a monogram.


Gifts for the younger member of the bridal party:


Giving a gift to a child is hard you want to make sure that they not only feel included but the gift is age appropriate. A young lady will still love a personalized necklace but make it a bit small but still classic. You would never buy a young man a flask or a pocket watch so try a personalized baseball.