Wholesale Favors

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Bride Rhinestone Pin
Maid of Honor Pin
14" Rhinestone Scepter
19" Rhinestone Scepter
Clear Acrylic Handled Knife and Server
Ivory Seashell Knife and Server
Ivory Sash Knife and Server Set
Green & Black Knife and Server
Blue & Green Knife and Server
Hot Pink & Orange Knife and Server
Beaded Knife and Server
Caucasian Couple Knife and Server Set
Bride Key Fob
White Garter with Blue Flower
Set of 2 Ivory Pearl Flower Garters
Pink Tulle Flower Garter
Plum Tulle Flower Garter
Black Tulle Flower Garter
Ivory Tulle Flower Garter
White Tulle Flower Garter
Black Vintage Lace Garter
Blue Vintage Lace Garter
Ivory/Taupe Vintage Lace Garter
Blush Vintage Lace Garter
White Vintage Lace Garter
Taupe/Ivory Vintage Lace Wide Garter
White Vintage Lace Wide Garter
Aqua Satin Garter
Pink Satin Garter
Set of 2 White Rhinestone Garters
Black Sash Garter
Diamond Red Garter
Plum Satin Garter
Black & White Garter
Red & White Garter
Green & Black Garter Set
Blue & Green Tulle Garter
Hot Pink & Orange Tulle Garter
Ivory Card Box
White Card Box
Black Metal Castle Card Box
Fairy Tale White Beaded Coach Card Holder
Silver Rhinestone Monogram Letter
Gold Monogram Letter
Silver Finish Monogram with Rhinestones
Monogram Clip with Frame
Pink Satin Bow Purse
Red Clutch Handbag
Pink Flower Purse
Creamy White Flower Purse
Ivory Satin Money Bag
White Satin Money Bag
Off-White Bride Purse
White Bride Purse
Ivory Pearl Pen Set
Peacock Feather Pen Set
Brown Satin Pen Set
Taupe Rose Pen Set
Taupe Pleated Silk Pen Set
White Pleated Silk Pen Set
Black Sash Pen Set
Ivory Sash Pen Set
Red Sash Pen Set
White Embroidery Pen Set
Cream Lace Pen Set
Black & White Pen Set
Green & Black Pen Set
Brown Jeweled Cream Pen Set
Blue & Green Pen Set
Hot Pink & Orange Pen Set
White Pen with Aqua Beads
Black Pen with Black Beads
Black Pen with Blue Beads
White Pen with Pink Beads
Black Pen with Red Beads
White Pen with Silver Beads
"Do It Yourself" Black Pen for Beads
"Do It Yourself" White Pen for Beads
Silver Butterfly CD Holder
Bride & Grooms Pajama Set
Oval Guest Signing Plate with Two Pens
Round Silver Heart Guest Signing Plate with 2 Pens
Taupe Silk Bow Wedding Accessory Collection
Silk Bow White Wedding Accessory Collection
Vintage Lace Wedding Accessory Collection
Black & White Wedding Accessory Collection
Green & Black Wedding Accessory Collection
Blue & Green Wedding Accessory Collection
Hot Pink & Orange Wedding Accessory Collection
8" Mis Quince Anos Rosary Bracelet
Spanish Language Bible with Embroidered Cover
Quinceanera Cup Cozy
Mis Quince Anos Caketop
Quincenera Figurine
Quinceanera Picture Frame
Mis Quince Anos Guest Book with Pen Set
18" Mis Quince Anos Pillow
Mis Quince Anos Sash
Quinceanera Tote Bag
Mis Quince Anos Pink Tiara
Large Mis Quince Anos Crystal Tiara
Pearl Ring Pillow
Ivory Pearl Ring Pillow
Dog Ring Pillow
White Stacked Ring Pillows
Love Birds Ring Pillow
Peacock Feather Ring Pillow
White Lace Ring Pillow
Brown Ribbon Ring Pillow
Taupe Rose Ring Pillow
Pleated Taupe Ring Pillow
Pleated White Ring Pillow
Black Sash Ring Pillow
Ivory Sash Ring Pillow
Diamond Red Ring Pillow
Plum Satin Ring Pillow
Elegant Satin Ring Pillow Ivory
Elegant Satin Ring Pillow White
Cream Lace Ring Pillow
Black & White Ring Pillow
Black Damask Ring Pillow
Green & Black Ring Pillow
Brown on Cream Ring Pillow
Blue & Green Ring Pillow
Hot Pink & Orange Ring Pillow
Set of 4 Bridal Shower Games
Bridal Shower Bracelet Game (18 bracelets)
Bridal Shower Game Dice
White Mrs. Bath Wrap
Guest Signing Stones in a Vase
Sweet Sixteen Pink Purse Album
Sweet Sixteen Frame Charm Bracelet
Sweet Sixteen Cup Cozy
Sweet Sixteen Confetti
Sweet Sixteen Caketop
Sweet Sixteen Keychain
Sweet Sixteen Pin
Sweet Sixteen Sash
Sweet Sixteen Pink Tiara
Just Married Tankini
Just Married Board Shorts
Pair of 25th Anniversary Linen Towels
Just Married Black Beach Bag
Just Married White Beach Bag
Bridesmaid Aqua Tote
Bride Aqua Tote
Bridesmaid Aqua Travel Bag
Bride Aqua Travel Bag
Set of 3 Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tags
Pair of Mr. and Mrs. Passport Covers
Flower Girl Tote
Ring Bearer Duffel Bag
Let the Fun Begin White Beach Bag
Bridesmaid Pink Tote Bag
Bride White Tote Bag
Maid of Honor Pink Tote Bag
Bridesmaid Pink Medium Travel Bag
Bride White Medium Travel Bag
Maid of Honor Pink Medium Travel Bag
Ring Bearer Backpack
Glass Unity Sand Vase Set
Unity Sand Frame
Aqua Unity Sand (24 oz)
Black Unity Sand (24 oz)
Grey Unity Sand (24 oz)
Hot Pink Unity Sand (24 oz)
Ivory Unity Sand (24 oz)
Natural Unity Sand (24 oz)
Plum Unity Sand (24 oz)
Sage Green Unity Sand (24 oz)
White Unity Sand (24 oz)
Heart Unity Sand Holder
Together Forever Unity Vase Sand Set
One 6.75" Side Vase for US117 Unity Set
Bride Chair Cover
Embroidered Bride to be Veil
Mr. Chair Cover
Mrs. Chair Cover
Wedding Arrow Direction Sign (double-sided)
Wedding Direction Sign (double-sided)
Bridesmaid Cup Cozy
Bachelorette Party Cup Cozy
Bride Cup Cozy
Groomsman Cup Cozy
Groom Cup Cozy
Maid Of Honor Cup Cozy
Wedding Party Cup Cozy
Black Tie Bottle Cover
Pink Purse Bottle Cover
White Ring Bottle Cover
Bachelorette Party Sash
Bride To Be Sash
"I Do" Shoe Stickers
"She's Mine" Shoe Stickers
Pair of Bridesmaid Socks
Pair of Best Man Socks
Pair of Bride Socks
Pair of Groomsman Socks

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